Finishing a special project…

A good friend was looking for someone to help her create custom bench cushions for her new home when the designer had quoted a pricey amount. I volunteered. It is not too often I have the opportunity to help a friend out so I was glad to do it.

Then life intervened and it has now been 4 months since I accepted the job.  Between trying to get my studio back in order after quitting the bank, tons of physical therapy-that thankfully is helping, and the arrival of a 17 year old in the household, I have been spinning.

I am happy to report that I am back on track and finishing some really beautiful cushions for my friend. Check out this fabric…OK, so you can’t see the sparkle at all-but it is nice. Yes, my friend has good taste.



I know it has been a while since I have been in touch.  I have spent the last year and a half building my reserves, physically and financially. I have been deciding what I really want to focus upon. No surprise that creating fiber art has won out.

I am working full time and reorganizing my studio to prep for additional art production. Full disclosure: My husband has been using the “hoarder” word when he comes in my studio and has graciously agreed to help me clean. (WARNING!! WARNING!!)

So, the 5-S management concept for this week is “Discard the unnecessary” or in Japanese, “Seri”. Oh yeah, if I had not mentioned it before, my husband is one of those process improvement, just-in-time, inventory control guys. He has been longing to get his hands on my studio for years.

I am still loving hand-dyeing my own silks to create these “Articulated Art Quilts”. Many more of these to come.  I am also working on a new series of works called “The Lost Bride”.  There is a real story to be told here. I will share sketches and works-in-progress for this series also.

It is good to be back. Looking forward to your comments.