Lost Bride Research-the police report aftermath

It has taken me some time to process the information in the police report. It is a raw, real and intimate view of the end of someone’s life. I had a lot to think about.

The police report presented me with a possible way to find out more information about Shayna without intruding on her family.
When Riley Scott, Shayna’s fiancĂ©, left the police station, his boss, Dr. Washington of the Ecumenical Center in Kalamazoo, picked him up and brought him home. Riley works in maintenance at the facility. After some quick searching I was able to find the Ecumenical Senior Center in Kalamazoo and a picture of Dr. Diane Washington, the director.

I called the Ecumenical Center and Dr. Washington answered the phone. I introduced myself, asked if she had a few minutes. When she said she did, I explained why I was calling. I was careful to tell her that although I would like more information on Shayna, I was not going to contact her family and intrude on their grief. Could she share any ideas or information that might be helpful?
After telling me that she thought my idea for an exhibit was “a beautiful expression” she gave me Riley Scott’s cell phone number. She said to tell him that she referred me to him, as he is a private person and might be hesitant to speak to me. Dr. Washington shared that Riley, or “Lucky” as he is called, was hard hit by Shayna’s death and having a tough time. She thinks if I can involve him somehow in the creative process, it may help him work through his grief and find closure.

I called Riley immediately. He was receptive to the idea of providing pictures and stories about Shayna. We are having lunch soon at the Ecumenical Senior Center. I am hoping Dr. Washington will be able to join us.

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