Lost Bride Research Day 12-16

I called the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s office again to speak with Detective Sgt. David Johnson about V. Abbott. I left message again. At 3 p.m. I called and left another  message.

I decided to call Detective Sgt. David Johnson really early today so that I might catch him before he went out for his days events. Left message again.

Jeez, ya’d think the Sheriff’s office could knock off from fighting crime and battling the forces of evil in West Michigan long enough to return my call.

I finally reached Detective Sgt. David Johnson just before lunch. When I laid out the information I had, he seemed to think that he was not working on the same case I was interested in. His case involving a V. Abbott was the accidental overdose death of Shanna Swan, (I need to check the spelling here) a female who died in her apartment. The Valerie Abbott that was involved was a witness in the case and the young woman’s mother. Det. Johnson said Shanna lived with her boyfriend and had for some time, but there was no marriage being discussed. He said he was going to meet the boyfriend, Riley, this afternoon to return Shanna’s property and he would ask him about the dress to see if this was the same case.

Detective Sgt. Johnson called back to say that Riley and Shanna had In fact discussed marriage but he said that they had not bought a dress yet so Johnson thought this was not the woman I was looking for.

Humm. Detective, really? All I could think was that there are just too many coincidences for this case and the dress not to be linked:
V. Abbott name on the wedding dress ticket at the cleaners,
Woman saying she was mother answering phone for V. Abbott,
Woman dies in her apartment, mother named V. Abbott,
Woman was discussing marriage with boyfriend.

I explained that since all my info was received indirectly from the mother, could he get a message to her to see if she wanted to speak to me. After all, the boyfriend/groom may not know about a dress that was under the mothers name.

Elaine from Westwood Cleaners said the dress had been used. Maybe Shanna and her mom got the dress second hand and were having it cleaned for her to use when she was ready. Maybe they put it under her mom’s name because she didn’t want her boyfriend to know about the dress just yet.

Would it be possible for Det. Johnson to get Valerie Abbott a message that I wanted to talk to her? Johnson said he would call the mother tomorrow and lay out the situation to see if the dress was her daughters and if the mom wanted my number, he’d give it to her. Fair enough. Waiting.

Checking records in Kalamzoo County again tomorrow for “Shanna Swan”.

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