Research! Day 10

I called the Paw Paw Area 51 Michigan State Police post and spoke to Sgt. McNally. She said she had been working in this area for for the last couple years and did not recall their post handling a case with the details or names I provided.
At her suggestion, I called the public affairs department at MSP in Lansing and left message. Tiffany, a MSP Public Affairs representative, returned my call. When I told her what I was looking for and what I had tried already, she said that it was virtually everything she would have suggested I try. She did suggest I check with other area MSP posts and ask them, as one post might not know the cases others had worked.
Tiffany also gave me the number to MSP Freedom Of Information Act office, in the event I wanted to try to find information that way. She cautioned me that the FOIA could get quite costly as I really had few details. I think I’ll hold the FOIA option in reserve for when I win the lottery or something.

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