Research! Day 9

Picked up the wedding dress from Westwood  Cleaners. The minute I walked through the door, Betty, a staff member at the cleaners, asked me if I had learned anything else. I gave the broad and empty results total to her. She suggested that I might try calling the funeral homes and asking them about Ms. Abbott. She suggested a couple that she knew served the African American community.

I called Harpers Funeral Home and they said they would check their records for any Abbotts in the last year or so and get back to me. They didn’t call back.

The assistant store manager at David’s Bridal referred me to corporate for my request for assistance. I called David’s Bridal corporate offices to see if I could get someone in PR to help me identify the dress owner, or wedding date- anything that might lead me to a marriage license, birth certificate or death certificate. Not surprisingly they are a bit skiddish about my request for help.

Charly Rok, David’s Bridal PR, would like a written request for assistance that she can take to legal. I understand they have a lot at stake in protecting their good name and their customers. Likely they will not want to get tangled up in linking one of their wedding dresses with a tragic homicide and an art exhibition about the deceased’s life. Not likely they will approve my request to photograph the dress on a dress frame in their store either. Dropping the David’s Bridal aspect of any further research.

Tomorrow I will call the state police and see if they can help point me to other resources.

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