Research! Day 2


OK, so  I started the public record research for a woman named Abbott. I checked the Kalamazoo Gazette index for any homicides involving a woman named Abbott. Nothing.

Expanded the search to include surrounding counties. Nothing.

Called  the crime reporter for the Kalamazoo Gazette who does a round up at the end of every year on local homicides. He did not recognize the name but did recall an instance of a homicide involving a woman in her apartment. He asked if there could there be another name? I told him I only
had second hand information and it was pretty thin at that. If another name was involved, I couldn’t know. He’d see what he could find out and get back to me. Might take a day or two.

I checked the only remaining White Pages we had that actually listed residential numbers. Who has landlines anymore?  I found 17 Abbotts including one V. and one Valerie. The number for V. turned out to be a woman originally from Indiana with no relations here. The number for Valerie is now for Farm Bureau Insurance.

I started thinking that cold calling residences for information about a murdered woman is not the best strategy.

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