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Cheryl Dineen Ferrin creates large-format portraits with a vibrant palette of silk and cotton fabrics. The resulting "Pop" nature of this combination has inspired people to describe her work as "Andy Warhol-Meets-Quilting-Bee." She melds her childhood needle arts experience with a high-tech background and her love of the figure, to create striking and sensitive portraits.

Since studying batik in Singapore and exploring other forms of surface design, Cheryl designs the majority of fabrics she uses in her artwork. Her ability and flair for creating digitally-developed and printed designs has further expanded her opportunity to make truly unique portrait art quilts. Cheryl has also launched a series of abstract works, Elements, as a result of the creation of her stunning hand-dyed silks. She incorporates her silks, brass and gold-plated jewelry findings and freshwater pearls, to create unusual, one-of-a-kind artworks that exist somewhere between art quilts and kinetic sculpture.

Cheryl has settled in southwestern Michigan where she maintains a quiet, contemplative home. Her rural setting and its relatively close proximity to urban areas such as Chicago and Detroit, allows her the right social balance to feed her creative muse. She has a degree in Art and Economics from a small, liberal arts college. Prior to working full-time in her studio, she worked in business financial analysis, marketing and public relations, and journalism.

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